PowerKite project partner AC&E is based at Sci-Tech Daresbury, a UK National Science and Innovation Campus established in 2006 to support high-tech companies like AC&E to accelerate the growth of their business through innovation, collaboration and access to world-class technology facilities.

In the beginning of June 2016, AC&E promoted the PowerKite project at its exhibition stand for Sci-Tech Daresbury’s Open Week, a successful event which attracted more than 7,500 members of the public and which was shortlisted for ‘Best Project’ in the 2017 UK Science Park Association (UKSPA) awards held in May 2017.

Sci-Tech Daresbury also picked up the award for “setting the pace” in innovation and for supporting the growth of knowledge-based firms at the UKSPA awards.

During the Open Week event, many members of the public from young children through to those of more mature years learned details about the PowerKite project and AC&E’s contribution in computer modelling and simulation to predict, understand and improve the kite performance in operating conditions to maximize the generation of energy.

The project was very well received for its green credentials, especially since it extracted renewable energy from a predictable resource that made no adverse impact on the visible landscape.

AC&E looks forward to informing the public of a successful PowerKite project at the next open event in 2018.