Public deliverables

D2.4 Environmental Monitoring Baseline Report

This report describes the progress in obtaining the environmental data, up to month 9 (M9) for deliverable D2.4, Environmental monitoring baseline report. The report details information on the noise data collected to date, the progress of the CRM and the benthic survey.

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D2.10 Collection of Environmental Data Report

This report is a continuation of D2.4 and describes the methodology of the environmental data collected during the project. The report details information on the approaches taken to collect noise data, model the Collision Risk Model (CRM), development of the Sonar System to understand animal movement as well as carrying out the benthic survey.

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D5.1 Commercial Power System Design Report

The base case contains a floating Tidal Marine Substation (TMS) buoy solution. The design of the tidal power array was established and refined using modelling and simulations. Layout of electrical equipment, cable handling, and mooring solutions were studied and defined.

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D5.2 Commercial Service and Maintenance Strategy Report

This report defines the base case for an 80 MW array of 160 operating power plants (kites) each rated at 500 kW connected to 27 electrical substations installed at the Holyhead Deep operational site in Wales. It discusses the implementation and organization of the array as well as a maintenance and operational strategy.

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D6.1 LCA Report

This Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), was carried out at the Environmental System Analysis division at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, with Minesto as the main data provider. This initial LCA is intended to provide first indications of the environmental performance of the Deep Green Utility (DGU) tidal current power plant. This study is designed so results may guide and influence the design of hardware and operational procedures of the power plant as well as provide a benchmark compared to other electricity power generation technologies.

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D6.2 Environmental Impact Report

The environmental impact report D6.2 is the final report for WP 6 Environmental Impacts and describes the results of the environmental data collected as part of WP 2 detailed in deliverable D2.10, during the project. This report provides details on the noise measurements, the Collision Risk Model (CRM), the development of the sonar system to visualise animal movement as well as the benthic surveys.

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D7.2 External Project Website

The Powerkite project has created an external website, The website was made public 2016-03-29. The website contains a description of the project, the consortium and the deep green technology. It also has a news section. The website will be updated with project results and public deliverables as they are produced.

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D7.7 Industrial Value Chain Report

This report has been written based on the Deep Green’s value chain analysis which has been performed with the aim of defining a successful route to market considering all the typical activities and actors involved in delivering electricity to the end customers.

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D7.8 Dissemination Report

The dissemination report describes how the PowerKite consortium has communicated the project and achieved results to different target groups throughout the project lifetime.

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D7.13 Certification and Standardization Report

This report outlines the current situation for the certification and standardization landscape for tidal energy, and describes how the existing certification systems can be used, and what to consider going forward. It also addresses challenges that the industry is and will be facing with respect to certification.

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A tool for simulating collision probabilities of animals with marine renewable energy devices

Research article published in PLoS ONE, 29 November, 2017. Link to article.

Fine-scale hydrodynamic metrics underlying predator occupancy patterns in tidal stream environments

Research article published in Ecological Indicators, 12 July 2018. Link to article.

Providing ecological context to anthropogenic subsea noise: Assessing listening space reductions of marine mammals from tidal energy devices

Scientific paper published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 27 December 2018. Link to article.

Noise characterization of a subsea tidal kite

Scientific paper published in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 27 November 2018. Link to article.

Publications by Chalmers University of Technology

PowerKite project portal on Chalmers University of Technology’s website. Link to website.