Turbine model tests at SSPA 

At the end of January, turbine model tests were conducted in SSPA’s cavity tunnel in Gothenburg as part of work package 3 of the Powerkite project. In this work package, Minesto together with SSPA are working on turbine development.

The model testing was the first of two development stages, to evaluate cavitation and performance before further development during the spring and new tests in the cavity tunnel in the autumn.

Three different prototypes were tested. They all performed well in terms of cavity and showed significant performance improvement – indicating that there is great potential for improvements of future turbine models.

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Engie conference highlights Powerkite project

Engie (547)Engie (661)

A major Research and Technology (R&T) conference gathered around 700 employees of ENGIE on 14th
April, in Paris. Involvement of ENGIE lab Laborelec in PowerKite project has been presented during the
“Tech Live Show”, a marketplace that consisted around 40 stands showcasing examples of ENGIE Labs
projects and initiatives, divided in four main areas: new energy sources, the use of energy, enabling
technologies, and operating excellence

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New solver method used to simulate pressure profiles on the kite

One of the goals of the Powerkite project is to improve the methods for simulation and evaluation of power performance. This video shows pressure profiles on the kite computed by AC&E using USAERO from AMI.

Forces on the Powerkite due to differential pressures drive it along a figure of 8 trajectory at speeds several times faster than the tidal flow speed.  The computer simulations provide insight and understanding of the forces at work and how they may be controlled to maintain the correct trajectory, to reduce energy loses due to drag and to ensure efficient energy conversion from the Powerkite’s turbine.

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Press and media

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